Shipping containers/ garage

Because we are moving from the city and have accumulated a lot of stuff, we picked up some shipping containers. Some of our time this summer was spent getting rid of our inventory. What we didn’t get rid of has been brought here. We plan to spend some time at flea markets to see if others may want our stuff. It seems to be a better alternative than a garage sale.

We purchased 3 containers and are placing them strategically  so we can incorporate them into a garage.


shipping containers


The tentative design.


Uses for a tree

I’m finding out how useful a tree is to us .

Alive, it can provide fruits nuts as well as Oxygen. Understand I am learning about the trees on the property that I live on.  The pine needles and bark can make a very healthy tea from certain pine trees. The sap also has useful purposes.  Birch tree sap is full of nutrients and can be consumed straight from the tree or reduced to syrup. The Birch can also produce a mushroom called Chaga. Chaga can be used as tinder or also made into a tea to aid our auto immune system. Certain tree bark can be use as an antiseptic for minor wounds.




When the trees useful life is over. A fallen tree can be used for our shelter, heat and power. Power? Yes power. When the wood is processed to a certain dimension, it can be ran in a gasifier to operate an internal combustion engine. That’s right, although the engine only has 70% of the power of if it is run on gasoline, it operates very well. It can run a vehicle, tractor, generator, etc.  The small branches can be run through a chipper for compost or reduced to charcoal to run small engines or aid the garden for an abundant harvest.  The parts of the tree that are properly burned or gasified is carbon neutral.

The emissions from an engine is far cleaner than gasoline.